forthcoming work


 Short Stories:

  • 'She Gets Too Hungry For Dinner At Eight' in Malefaction Magazine 2020
  • 'Going Under The Knife Without Anaesthetic' in 42 Stories: Macabre & Morbid 2020
  • 'Shoulders' in Mooky Chick, April 2020 [online]
  • 'Letter of Epiphany' in the New Guard Volume IX 2020 [print]
  • A Special Mystery Story, revealed soon!


  • 'Haud Yer Wheesht' in The Selkie 2020 [online]
  • 'Spinneret' in Impossible Archetype, March 2020 [online]
  • 'I Guess We Miss Her' and 'Ante, Inter, Deinde' in The Hellebore, June 2020 [online]